Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Exchange Received!

Today, my washcloth exchange from Angela arrived.  I am hoping that mine arrives in Canada tomorrow or Thursday.  She knitted me a very nice patterned washcloth.

Today, I took some time to work on "The Wrapper" because I finished up class last week and I have two weeks of freedom until student teaching starts.  I am going to be teaching in first grade and the special education resource room so it should be a learning experience.  This semester will be slightly busier than I originally anticipated due to some recent decisions that we made that I can't really go into now.  I have been working on the prep work for that and enjoying my last few weeks as a stay at home mom before I head off to school.

I had a small helper today to help me wind some new DMC on bobbins (because, just when I think I have every color, I find that I don't).

So, after a good day's work, here's what the Wrapper looks like.

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