Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash - July Update

There is not a lot to report for the month of July in Stitch from Stash as I have been busy with schoolwork and I have been knitting and crocheting quite a bit.

I spent $12 this month exclusively on stuff from SCRAP.  $9 was spent today.  They had Christmas in July at SCRAP and I picked up a bunch of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas stuff along with three Christmas Mill Hill kits.

As far as projects, I did three ornaments this month (Christmas in July, right?).  I finished two of them and Mickey is still in progress.


  1. Great going on the budget buys! Your ornaments are fun.

  2. Great report, love the Garfield ornament :)

  3. Lovely finishes and great finds at scrap too. x


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