Monday, July 28, 2014

Projects I have been Working on

I have two main projects I have been working on lately.  The first is the Mickey ornament that is taking a lot longer than I expected.  I think part of it is the half crosses.

I have also been working on a flag afghan.  It is worked in Lion Brand's Heartland Yarn which is very soft and nice to work with.  It has a ripple pattern that is caused by alternating 3dctog with clusters of 3 dc.  It is not really hard after you get off the foundation chain (which had like 200 stitches so it was really long to be working).  I followed some advice that I found on a crochet blog and I worked the foundation chain in the spine of the chain and it does give the bottom a nicer edge.  A lot of patterns say not to work it this way but I am not sure why.

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