Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIP Part 2

I had a bit of a setback this weekend when I split my right thumbnail with a cheese grater right down into the pink. After being stuck in a band aid for a few days, I was able to cut part of it off so it won't snag anymore and I am back to stitching.

We had knitting and crochet at the library this Saturday.  I was able to finish my first crochet project.

The pattern is the Original Crochet Prayer Shawl from off the web.  It is not quite even on the edges so I am thinking about adding a border.  The pattern itself was not terribly hard:  one row of single crochet and then three rows of double.
I admit to doing a bit of shopping this weekend.  I hit Jo-Ann's DMC sale and picked up a bunch of floss and another piece of 28 ct. Sand Carolina Linen.  Then, I went back later to the Jo-Ann in Lewisville for another two skeins of floss and another piece of Carolina Linen.  I also got some stuff for our Father's Day present (which I hope to share in a few weeks).  I've been picking up the Carolina linen a little at a time.  I need four pieces of it for a project I want to do (yes, I know I've started so many patterns but, well, who cares!) and Jo-Ann is one of the few places that carries it.

I also received some stash from Needle in a Haystack.  I was finally able to get the final charm to finish my Gardner's Cottage.  I have not yet assembled everything but I hope to have it done shortly.  I also ordered the Rainbow Gallery threads I needed for Fuji since neither 123stitch or ABCstitch carry them.

I had two more starts this week.  I was not intending to start these projects but I finally found a solution to my problem.  I have had these two projects on my list for a long time but the problem was that the fabric I needed for one of them had been discontinued.  It was 26 ct. Golden Flax linen.  The other was natural linen which is easy enough to find, but since they are both the same size, I wanted them to have identical count fabric, meaning I had to find a solution for the Golden Flax first.

I was staring at the remainder of the champagne linen I had from Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe and I realized that it would be perfect.  It is 32 ct and I had natural linen in 32 ct. so now I have two starts.

I also was able to touch a few more of my WIPs.

Fuji - With the fuzzy Wisper floss

Marsh Marigolds on Logan's Creek - Almost to the very top!

Jingle As Ye Enter, Jingle as Ye Go - that red part is one of the "ye"s

A Time of Thanksgiving - A little more of the top done
And that's all for me now.  Join me later :)


  1. I have a friend who stitched Pleasant Words are like an Honeycomb. It looked lovely finished

  2. All your stitching looks great and glad you found a solution for your fabric problem.


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