Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some weekend work

Today was one of my husband's Saturdays to work so it was me and the girls and also Chris who was up here to put in a deposit on an apartment.  I was going to go to knitting and crochet at the library but unfortunately, it was damaged in our last freeze and is closed for cleanup (a sprinkler pipe froze and burst).  They were going to hold it at the senior center but since Em was sleeping over at a friends, I was sort of stuck.  So, I did a bit of crafting at home.

After the success of my first knitted project, I decided to try something a little larger.  This is going to be a purse (I am hoping one of the girls will like it).

I also put a beard on Santa.  Now, I just need to do his head and hat and the ornament will be done.


  1. I think your new knitting project will make a lovely purse. I used that exact yarn to make a couple of wash clothes for my little daughter in law and I loved the colors combined. Your Santa piece is also looking nice. Coming right along. I'm about to kick back and do some stitching myself today. It's chilly and misty outside, so in my stitching chair with a throw over my legs will feel good.
    You have a wonderful week and remember to "feel the colors".

  2. That ornament is adorable so far!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


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