Friday, March 14, 2014

Just Like Riding a Bike

Today was an interesting day.  The girls went to the dentist.  It was Adèle's first time going.  Here are some pictures.

In case you were wondering what they are staring at, there's a TV attached to the chair.  Tiny Toons!

If you follow Edgar's Blacksheep Blog, you know that he is always posting exciting pictures of the sights of San Francisco.  I lamented to him that all the sights I have are of cows.  He told me to post some.  So, Edgar, here are some cows.

I think they are Black Angus but that's just a guess.  I'm sure they are tasty, whatever breed they are.

I also glued the backing onto the Dragon Dreams Ornament I made.  Here's a look:

I might add some personalization and glue it onto the back.

Today, I also decided to take something up that I have not done in ages.  I KNITTED WITH NEEDLES!!!!

Once upon a time, my mother did teach me to knit with needles but I didn't like it and stopped doing it and eventually discovered counted cross stitching and loom knitting that I preferred.  As cool as loom knitting is, there are still some things that traditional knitting and crochet do better.  I found this kit for $3 at Dollar General that had a book on how to knit complete with needles and yarn so I decided to give it a try.

The hardest part was figuring out how to cast on (but eventually, I got it down).  I tried "their" way to knit but eventually settled back into how I used to knit (which was a lot faster).  I also seem to purl better than I did. It didn't take me long, and I had this knitted:

The bottom is how it will look after I sew it up.

Lastly, here are the new lamps that we got for our bedroom from a customer.

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