Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Horror!

I haven't been stitching a lot and there are a few reasons why.  The first is that my semester has started and I'm started on school work.  The second is that my husband says I am stitching too much so I have decided to cut back.  The third is the worst:  my four year old stabbed our new leather couches repeatedly with my embroidery scissors!

The short version is that the scissors should have been out of her reach but there was a distraction and she got a hold of them and gleefully discovered that she could stab the couches.  At least it wasn't her sister.  I think I can seal the punctures but it will take a lot of work and the girls will have to be gone for me to do it.  Grrr.

My husband did drive me all the way to Plano to go to the stitchy store.  Then he was surprised when I informed him that I was on a $25 budget and that I really didn't need anything but I ended up picking up two Just Another Buttons to finish the poor snowman I stitched up and some new needles that I hope will thread better than the DMC 26s.

I am up to $6.02 for the month.  And I'm still waiting on that order from December.

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  1. I cringed about the couch. Ugh. But hey, things happen!


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