Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some stitching

Last night, we had a party at our house.  I spent most of the week preparing for it.  Made some zucchini bread.  Tried and failed another two times to make an angel food cake (it just won't rise!).  Also made homemade soft pretzels that turned out amazing.  The Kitchenaid has definitely been getting a workout.

The World Market by us is also closing.  We picked up some glasses, a gravy separator, and another Misto (it's a spray bottle for cooking oil, I have one with Safflower oil, this one is for Sunflower oil).  The one thing I wanted was the nesting owl measuring cup set but they were out.

I did get a little stitching in today.  I added the arbor and started on the trees.  The grapes are petite stitches.  The tree leaves are stitched in WDW Blue Spruce so they should have nice color variations after they are all done.


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