Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Update Pics

Somehow I've managed to get some stitching in.  I am not sure how because this semester is not going to be easy.  Educational, yes, but definitely not easy.  Sooooooo much reading!

Anyway, I've been merrily stitching along on my HAED.  I think the stitching over one on the green linen has made this "easier" on my eyes.  It might be the new needles too.

Speaking of stitching over one on 28 ct. green linen, I managed to get a few more letters stitched on that one as well.  I have until February 20 to stitch it (that's my goal -- my wedding anniversary).  I am hoping to make it.  Still waiting on that order from Needle in the Haystack.


  1. Gorgeous progress on both pieces. xx

  2. Everything looks great! Congrats on your progress.


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