Tuesday, April 23, 2013

S is for Solomon and T is for Thomas

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to finish A to Z this year.  I'm adjusting to life as a stay at home mom going solo and trying to get everything done to get into graduate school and today I was woke up by my daughters at 4:00 am again (for those of you joining me for A to Z, I have two toddlers ages 2 and 3 who are both language delayed and may or may not be autistic).  I'm going to try my best to finish out. 
Solomon is reputed as the wisest man who ever lived.  He was the son of David and Bathsheba and if you read 1 Kings, you'll discover that it wasn't easy to get him on the throne.  His brother Adonijah set himself up as king and Bathsheba had to get an aging King David to intervene.
Once Solomon was established as king, God came to him and asked for whatever he wanted.  Solomon asked for wisdom and God was pleased with his request so he also gave him wealth and honor in addition.  His wisdom was so well known that people  like the Queen of Sheba came to visit him.  There's also an account of a wise ruling that he made involving two woman fighting over a baby.
Solomon built the temple during his reign and it was glorious temple.  It took 7 years to build. 
Solomon's downfall was his wives.  He had 700 wives (mostly foreign) and 300 concubines.  The all worshipped different gods and led Solomon to worship these gods as well.  As punishment for this, God split the kingdom of Israel into two halves after Solomon's death. 
Solomon is known for writing part of the book of Proverbs and Song of Songs.  The book of Ecclesiastes is often attributed to him.  It is hoped that if he did write the book, it was a sign that at the end of his life he realized the foolishness of the foreign gods and renounced them.
Thomas was on of Jesus' twelve disciples.  He is most famous for being "doubting Thomas." 
After Jesus' resurrection, he appeared to his disciples in a locked room but for some reason Thomas wasn't with them.  When they told him about it, he didn't believe them and said he wouldn't believe it until he put his fingers in Jesus' nail marks and the mark in his side.  Jesus appeared to his disciples again and showed Thomas that he really had risen from the dead.  Then Thomas believed.


  1. You are almost there! A few more letters and you will have accomplished your goal! :) But I know how you feel.. I almost gave up, too.. but now I've post dated all the letters except Z.. still working on that one.
    Nice blog you have and a great theme! Visiting you through the A-Z Challenge.

  2. great post. I have two boys, 6 1/2 and 9, and I cannot imagine writing ANYTHING when they were 1 1/1 and 4. Yikes! My hat is off to you, I was lucky to even be able to brush my teeth.

    I promise it gets easier, really.

    stopping by from a to z, will be back to read more!


  3. Life must really be hectic for you now. I'm sure some of Solomon's father's writings will give you comfort and courage. Visiting from A-Z

  4. It's tough to get the challenge done - especially with little ones. You're almost there, though, so stick with it!


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