Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some more ornaments

This is definitely turning into the "Year of the Ornament" (at least for me).  And I managed to finish up two this weekend.

I've gained like 14 or so more followers from this weekend's even so... Whoo hoo!

You may recall that this was finished a week ago but I finally got the cording for the edges from SCRAP

I stitched this on 18 ct to shrink it down to manageable size.  It's actually 70x70 stitches

The back of the ornament is all me.  "Sleigh Ride" the song kept going through my head as I was stitching so I put it on the back.


  1. Those are two great ornaments! I've stitched quite a few myself so far this year but not actually done any finishing!

  2. Both are great...I stitched the string of lights one a number of years ago...


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