Monday, January 14, 2013

Ornament Box Project

So, I've said it before on the blog that I want to make each of my daughters a box with ornaments from each Christmas they were alive.  I've also extended this to include my stepdaughter and  since her mother is a bit of a deadbeat, I've decided to go back and do all her Christmases, all 15 of them!  That's a lot of ornaments.  I got my first one done.  I'm not exactly doing them in order so this is the 2002 ornament.

She would have been 5 in 2002 so I'm trying to keep the ornaments age appropriate for each year.

The only exception is the first Christmas which is actually 3 ornaments: a nativity scene ornament to commemorate their first Christmas with the first Christmas, a baptism ornament and a birth sampler ornament.  The baptism ornament I designed myself and you can find the pattern for free on my Sola Scriptura Needlework blog (click the page link above).  I'm not quite satisfied with my birth sampler yet so I haven't stitched any but it should be coming soon.

The other exception for Emily is this year where I'm doing an ornament to commemorate her confirmation.

I've created an album for each daughter to track their ornament progress.  So far, Adèle is winning.

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  1. How wonderful that you're going to get your stepdaughter all caught up with a box full of ornaments! It really looks cute!


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