Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finally, some stitching

I finished up some loom knitting the other day just in time for Christmas.  I knitted this scarf for my stepdaughter.

I had just enough yarn.  And I mean JUST ENOUGH.  If I'd knit it any longer, I would have run out.  I think it's a couple of squares shorter than the original pattern calls for but I think it should be just long enough.  It's actually a delightful little pattern.  Once you get the gist of the pattern, you can do it with little to no counting.

In cross stitching, I've made it this far with Pooh:

I don't know how much stitching I'll get done this week.  Both girls are sick and it's made things difficult.  Zoé missed Polar Express day at school and will miss the Christmas party tomorrow.  Poor girl.  She threw up three times this morning.  Adèle actually got into the doctor today and we found out she has a sinus infection.  Zoé could not be squeezed in so she's going back tomorrow.

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  1. You picked the perfect yarn for the mitered square scarf and it looks great! Glad it all worked out.


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