Friday, June 22, 2012

Questions I stole off Edgar's blog...

Edgar (at Blacksheep's bit of the web) posted a Q&A that apparently has been going around.  Needing something to blog about today (on the day I'm officially unemployed now), I decided to answer them.

1) Favorite pattern ever stitched - show a snap - I would have to say the Fairy Tale Sampler by Dragon Dreams

2) Favorite Junk food to have while stitching? I don't eat while stitching.  Keeps the piece nice and clean.

3) Your Favorite Blog to Visit? - I have a bunch.  

4) Do you leave comments on Blogs? Sometimes but since I've been working 40 hours a week and then coming home to the 1 and 2 year olds, I don't have a lot of time to do things like comment.  Now that I'm unemployed, well, we'll see.

5) Do you reply to your comments on your Blog?  Lately I have.  

6) Your favorite thread to work with?  I pretty much only stitch with DMC which I definitely prefer over Krenik so we'll stick with DMC.

7) Do I know a male stitcher?  There are a few on my Yahoo Groups (Bob, Bob and Raymond) and then, of course, there's Edgar. :)

8) What is the biggest stitched piece you have stitched?  I think that Amazing Grace is the largest.

9) What is the furthest away you have traveled to go to a stitching store, what was it called?  When I lived in Wisconsin, I had to drive from Waukesha to a place in Mequon which was about an hour trip.  Now, I think the closest brick and mortar store is in Plano which would be a good hour to drive there too but I haven't had the urge to go there since I called them to ask if they had 11 count evenweave and I was put on hold and heard "what's evenweave?" [shudder shudder].  If I hit one of the stores in Dallas, I would be driving about 1 1/2 hours.

10) Favorite tool to use when stitching?  Ks Creations Z stand with Q snaps

11) Do I like stitching for others or for yourself and why?  As long as it's something that I actually want to stitch, I don't care either way.

1) Why do you love stitching?  It relaxes me and it was something to do when I was in college in MN with nothing better to do.

2) Do you have a favorite genre/type of pattern that you like to do?  I wanted to do fantasy but that's kind of worn off.  My tastes have totally changed within the last 2 years so I can't honestly tell you yet.  Ask me again in 2 years.

3) Have you ever had to re-stitch a pattern?  No.

4) How often do you try to stitch a week?  Whenever I have the time.  It's hard with the girls.  They like the pretty string.

5) What DMC colors do I lean towards?  Blue.

6) How did I come to stitch?  My mom bought me a frog learn-a-craft kit when I was laid up after I had my wisdom teeth out.  My grandmother stitched as well but never taught me.

7) Do I have favorite stores to buy stitching from?  123 Stitch and ABC Stitch

8) Do I have a favorite designer?  Remember the part where my tastes have changed?  I like Dragon Dreams but I'm not really sure of anything right now'

9) Do I have a stitching Blog?  Yes

10) Have I read fictional books about stitching?  Those exist?

11) How many times a week would I say I visit other stitchers Blogs?  2 or 3 times a week on my days off generally.

1) How do I feel about blended threads as in T Wentzler's projects? I am doing some right now on my Stocking.  It's a pain to put together but I have no problem stitching with it.  It has a nice effect.

2) Do I launder my projects before framing?  Nope.

3) How do I feel about the lack of colour fast in all the flosses now?  I had no idea this was an issue.  Then again, I don't get my pieces wet.

4) When you begin a project with a black and white chart how do you choose which symbol to begin with?  I generally start in the center

5) Do I do my own framing?  Only when it's a standard size.

6) Do I choose my own mats and molding or let someone else tell me what I would like?  I prefer to pick all of that and then have someone else assemble.

7) Pins or lace?  ????

8) Do I have any wall space for a new project?  Yes.  What you really need to ask is can I afford to frame the finished pieces so I can actually put them on the wall.

9) Have I ever gifted a finished piece right off the wall because someone really liked it?  No

10) Would I stitch it again for myself?  No

11) Do I have a group of friends whom I share the love of stitching with on a regular basis?  On the blog and I have three yahoo groups.


  1. What a great idea! I'm with Parsley on this one...very fun to read!

  2. It was fun to answer too. ;-)


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