Saturday, June 23, 2012

Generous Parting Gifts and a trip to Jo-Ann's

Yesterday, there was a catered lunch at work.  We had fajitas catered by La Hacienda Ranch (excellent food, btw).  I didn't stay that long.  They gave us each a parting gift which was a basic phone from the collection of demo phones that business support had in their possession.  Here's what I got:

This is at least a fairly recent phone.  Some people got ancient phones.  I know people who got the most basic Nokia candy bar phone from 4 years ago and people who got Tap and Gravity 3 (touch screen phone and phone with keyboard).  It will make a nice backup phone in case one of our smartphones goes out.  Or I will give it to my Mother (it's actually red on the outside and it's her favorite color).  It was in a sealed box but being a demo, I don't think it has a warranty.  Oh well, it was free.

Let me pass one piece of wisdom over from my phone experience.  That phone would probably be "free" if you got a new 2 year contract.  It actually retails for like $69.99.  Most people think that phones are cheap and only about $200.  They're more like $500-600 when you look at retail price of a high end smartphone.  Phones ain't cheap.  Treat yours well.  Or get insurance because $130 deductible or $600 retail, you decide.

After that, I went to Jo-Ann's with my former coworker and friend Danielle.  I got two things:

The long loom book has some nice patterns in it and the dress pattern is something that I would actually wear.  I think I'll wait to make it until after I lose some more weight.  I'm going to be doing My Fitness Pal now that I'm off work to try to lose about 30 lbs of post baby weight.  Wish me luck on that.

And now for some random pictures:

Zoé and the plastic golf clubs her brother got her  (and also his hat)

A locust on the gas pump yesterday

Zoé modeling my hat.  She's into hats now.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your being laid-off... I hope this results in more enjoyable stitchy time for you *smiles* You picked up some great finds at Joannes, and that hat is FIERCE, honey :)

    1. The hat matches perfectly with this nice blue dress I have but I think it looks better on Zoé :)


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