Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA!

So, congress has this very poorly written law that will allow anyone's website to be shut down for any reason in the name of stopping piracy.  Now, that may stop piracy but will stomp on a lot of people's first amendment rights.

If you remember last month or so, I had got a notice from google that some of my pictures violated copyright and they were taken off the site.  I could not find out what pictures had violated or even who had requested them to be taken down.  it was a nightmare and I would have had to go to court to fight it.  The album in question was an album of pictures I had take of the front covers of my cross stitching books.  I don't think that violates copyright but as a private citizen, I had no way to fight.  This will make it a lot easier to attack your blog and any "offending" images will be replaced with this:

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  1. Joy, you are absolutely right about SOPA - it will shut down great blogs like yours and destroy free expression on the Internet. Why would anyone post anything at all (reviews or pictures of things THEY HAVE LEGALLY PURCHASED) if they are constantly afraid of being shut down? Stop SOPA!


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