Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, I have been having some problems with the new phone I got just under a month ago.  The audio on the handset speaker was awful.  So, I got an exchange and....the audio was just fine but instead of coming out the handset speaker you put up to your ear, it came out the speakerphone instead!  Whoever put the phone together put it together backwards!  So, I got a 3rd phone today and am happy to report that it is working just fine.

The bad news is I've been having some wrist pains for the last few weeks and I went to the doctor and it's the beginnings of carpal tunnel.  He was very optimistic and said I probably would only need therapy if the stretches don't make it better.  I'm also going to be taking an anti-inflammatory.  Hopefully it gets better.  It's been interfering with my stitching and has brought it to a halt!


  1. Oh no! Carpal tunnel is no good for stitching or typing! I hope your wrist gets back to normal quickly!

  2. Sorry to hear this....will be praying for you.
    Chris B.


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