Thursday, September 1, 2011

From Now Until the End of the Year

First of all, somehow the meaning of the ellipsis (...) got changed.  I thought it meant that I was trailing off but apparently my stepson has informed my husband that it means "I don't care."  I guess I won't be using it anymore lest I seem apathetic. 

It's September 1st.  Which means my Mother comes in about 20 days which means we have some massive cleaning to do .  Not that we have a train wreck of a house but it's hard to keep things clean with a teenager and 2 under 2.

It also means that I have September, October, November and part of December to think about Christmas presents. 


Hopefully the meaning of that hasn't changed.

I think I have found a few things I can give to my husband for Christmas.  I think I have also found something for my brother-in-law and my mother and father-in-law but I'm not sure just yet.  I'm sure my stepdaughter will want clothes like any teenager.

At some point I've probably mentioned that I like frogs.  My husband cleaned the bathroom today and put all my froggy stuff out:

Yes, the shower curtain is all frogs, even the shower curtain hooks

The night light is a frog, the license plate is from my Dad and the frog on top is a tile that had the picture of the frog imprinted on it somehow.

Those lights in the top picture are indeed frogs

Frog soap dispenser

And last but not least, a frog bath mat


  1. How nice that your hubby cleaned the bathroom and put all the frogs up. Happy housecleaning; guess you won't be stitching for awhile ...

    (trailing off) LOL

  2. My daughter loved frogs. She passed away at nineteen. A simple reminder to take care of your teeth. She died of a heart infection from her teeth. Thank you for sharing all the cool frogs


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