Monday, July 18, 2011

A new bed and a almost new computer

Adèle has been sleeping in the pack n play for some time now since we're looking at about $150-$200 for the crib plus matress.  Fortunately, a coworker sold me his for $20 with matress.  It is drop side but we don't drop the side and it gives us a chance to save up for something nicer a little later on.  I put up the mobile but the music box spinner thing doesn't work so it's a stationary mobile.  I could buy on off ebay but it's too expensive for what it is.

I formatted my computer.  After 5 years of junk, it needed a cleaning.  Maybe now it will connect via the midi cables to my keyboard.  That should allow me to record songs and also have have finale notate for me when I'm playing.  My piano is a Yamaha keyboard which is basically a portable Clavanova with weighted keys and everything.  I got it and Finale at cost when I worked for a music store teaching lessons.

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