Monday, July 11, 2011

Ah the weekend

So, I am trying out the Blogger android app.  I'm testing out a new phone.  Finally got my music books out.  So here they are.  Got a fair share of hymnals (being the church organist) and other organ books besides piano and voice.  It's been a long time since I've touched an organ.  Hope I remember if I'm asked to play again. 

Hope I haven't already told my organ story (if I have I apologize).  I started piano when I was 7.  When I was 11, I had already started accompaning.  The summer between 8th and 9th grade, I started organ lessons.  Played a bit in high school.  In college, I HATED my organ professor.  She was the complete opposite of my old instructor and wanted me to be some virtuoso which I didn't want to be.  So, after 3 semesters...I quit!  Until about 2 years later, my friend asked if I would play organ for Christmas Eve at a church in Milwaukee.  I reminded him that I'd quit but he told me that they'd asked like 30 people and were desperate.  So I practiced like I'd never practiced before and when I was done with college a little later that year, I played as one of their regular organists. 


  1. need a new phone myself as the company wasn't popular & stores don't carry card anymore.
    chris b.

  2. Ah, the prepaid variety. Actually, I got this from business support. I'm testing it for work (since I work for the cell phone company of course).


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