Friday, November 26, 2010


So, today I finally decided to upload a few songs I have arranged as a test to see how a music player would work with the blog.  The good news is there is a play/pause button so you can start and stop it at your leisure.  Currently, I have only uploaded the two songs I legally could---one is an arrangement of The Coventry Carol that I did several years back for piano, voice and mandolin (that would be me singing and strumming, someone else had to do the piano part); the other is an arrangement of We Three Kings for piano and mandolin which I exported directly from Finale (as I don't have the equipment to record it live....was saving up for it and then I got married).  One other piece I did was an arrangement of Savior When in Dust to You for piano and SA choir but I don't have a recording of it and Finale wouldn't do it justice so maybe I'll just have to convert it to a piano only piece.  I wish I had the file of Trans Siberian Orchestra's What Child that I rewrote the lyrics for so I could perform it in church.

Currently, I am working on an arrangement of Now Thank We All Our God for piano.  Once it is done, I will upload it.

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