Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sleepless nights

So, Zoé went in for her first checkup today. She's lost too much weight. Now I have to feed her every 2 hours, no exceptions and also supplement with formula. Don't think she's too fond of the formula. Starts looking to feed off Mommy instead (and you should have seen the face she gave Ken when he tried to give her a bottle). She's also a bit jaundiced. Have to go have her foot pricked again later today.

More pics have been posted in the picasa album (see last post).

Her name is actually pronounced zo-ay (French pronunciation)


  1. How's the nursing going now? Were you able to give up the formula? I've been there, and have some ideas if you want them. Also I know a great breastfeeding support forum (click on forums on the right of the page, but lots of great info on the main site)

  2. Thanks for the link, it was very helpful. I am back to nursing almost exclusively, supplementing with a bottle when necessary. Her jaundice is doing much better. Apparently, it's happening a lot around here because there have not been many sunny days.

  3. I hear *so* many people told to supplement early on and they never get away from it. Then they find out too late what they could have done! I wish our Pediatricians and OBs would give us more and better info. I guess it'll get better as more mamas choose to nurse. If you join the forum over there I'm renatria

  4. They wanted me to supplement because apparently the fats in formula break down jaundice faster but they had me pump while I formula fed. So now I've been given the green light to go off formula and it appears to be going well

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