Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby shower

I was supposed to go to a baby shower today. Didn't have time this week to make the gifts. I'm making a hat and booties and mitts (using the pattern on Knifty Knitter's website). It's a great pattern but I'm using TLC Baby Amore instead of my usual Simply Soft Baby (which I haven't seen around lately and I had the Amore on hand). Not sure that I like the yarn. I will take a picture when I get them finished. Going to bed soon to catch a little bit of sleep in between feedings

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  1. Have you tried knitting any baby bottle covers? My little sister swears by the one's i made her. It helped Brooklin with holding her own bottle as she got older. You need the flower loom, and a hair-tie (normal average size, no metal) e-wrap about 4 rows on the flower loom, put the hairtie around the loom, and e-wrap as usual. Knit over the bottom loop with the hairtie, this will make it tight, but as you continue knitting it will loosen up. Knit another 5-6 inches, and bind of using the gather method., tie off. now when you slip it over the bottle, it stays on without slipping off the plastic. Another method you can use is the eyelet method, do a yarn over, K2Tg on every other peg at the 5th row, then continue for 5-6 inches, using a ribbon or i-cord of contrasting color, you can tie the bottle cover onto the bottle.

    hope this helps. and congrats!


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