Sunday, December 13, 2009

Progress on the WIP

I made even more progress this weekend on the Texas Christmas. Once I find some fresh batteries for the camera, I will take another picture and post it.

Good news for today: My wedding ring fits again!

Bad news for today: The baby was on a feeding spree that started somewhere around 6 pm and went until 3:30 am. She would not sleep. She was HUNGRY!


  1. Saw your comment about Star Trek on Ma Teakettle's blog (Karyn) so I thought I'd drop by. Always nice to meet a Trek fan. haha

    Congratulations on your sweet baby.

  2. I do not know how you are accomplishing stitching with a new baby! About the baby knitting...I miss doing that for mine.He'll be 13 his next b-day so no knitting for him unless it's a scarf! LOL! I have a grea niece named Zoe so we like that name around here. :

  3. Sharlotte.
    There is a book put out by Debbie Stoller, well, actually 2 that I am aware of, and she has marvelous projects in them for men, or boys. There is a sweater with a neat skull on it in the first book. The first book is called 'Stitch 'N Bitch', the second is called 'Stitch 'N Bitch Nation'. Check them out at your local library and I'll bet that you can find something in each that will be just perfect for your soon to be teen.
    I love her books and out of the first book I, a VERY NEW knitter, made the 'Windy City Scarf' plus a Blizzard hat pattern for all my employees and they just loved them.
    I made them in various colors of Reynolds Blizzard alpaca, and then thought, what is wrong with this picture??? I then went to my 'lys' and bought three skeins of it in white for me. It is an amazing yarn. It bounces back the body heat to you and you are never cold.
    My dear, late father-in-law was going through chemo for his prostate and bladder cancer and could never get warm. I made him a windy city scarf in Blizzard Denim and my sister-in-law said that he was NEVER without it. She found the scarf in going through his things after he passed away in May and kept it for me. I cried when she handed it to me. It needs a bath, and I will treasure it as I wear it. I don't dare give it to his son, my husband, as he would lose it.
    Check out Debbie's books. As a volunteer at our local library, I noticed that there is a book called 'Men with Balls'. It is a book written by a man for men who knit (hence the reference to yarn 'balls', not the other, or maybe he did intend the double entendre.) Check that one out also.
    Then start knitting for that soon to be teen. I would leave the books out on the kitchen table for him to 'accidently' see and go through along with a piece of paper with the heading, Things to knit for 'Tyler' (name is a 'for instance'). Leave a post it as a marker for the skull sweater page with the notation with his name showing over the book, 'Tyler?' 'would Tyler like this? Wish I knew. Leave the post-its available and see if he doesn't add a few on his own. Hope this helps.

    Anyway, Joy, this site is beautiful and I love the appearing and disappearing pictures on the
    'my finished pieces'. You are quite talented and I wish I had as many accomplishments in my advanced age to show for. You will be my hero and will see if I can't start stitching more.
    Huggs to that beautifully named baby, Zoe Noelle, as well as to you.
    BTW, Aren't the K's Creations stands wonderful! I have two sizes of the lap stands, and I am never without them in my stitching, traveling or not. I don't have a z frame, but mine have lasted for over 20 years. They are a good investment.
    Love and Huggs, Cait


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