Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stitch from Stash Update - April 2015

Month: April

Carryover from March: $52.31
Amount Spent: $3
Amount Earned: $8
Carryover to May: $82.31

This Stitch from Stash update kind of snuck up on me.  I saw Mel's post and was like "is it that time already?"  I feel I didn't get a lot done this month but my husband took a week of vacation last week and there was a lot of running around and getting stuff done.  I finally got my front tooth rebonded so I have my smile back!

I spent a little this month.  I took a trip to SCRAP and picked up a few patterns and a piece of linen.  I don't know if I'll ever spent that carryover amount.

I finished a page on "Do Not Meddle"  This leaves me with only two pages to go and they are small pages.  For those of you who have read this piece's history on Stitching the Night Away, it is a rather old UFO which I started before I got married (and I've been married 6 years!).  My goal is to finish it this year.

I almost finished a page on Fuji.  There will be one really small page once I finish the current page.

As far a new starts, I have three.  I started Octopus's Garden which doesn't count as from stash since I just got the pattern.  I didn't stitch much of it.

I also started two ornaments.

The first one, I incorrectly labeled as "a partridge."  It's actually a Quail.  Ironically, I think my husband and I spotted a few quail on the road the other day.  This one is from A Cross Stitch Christmas A Heartwarming Christmas that came out last fall.  The blank spots are where some Mill Hill beads are going to go.

The second ornament is off my JCS DVD, from the JCS 2009 Ornament issue called "Candy Cane Horse."

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