Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gardening and Ornaments

After four years of living at this house, I decided it was time to try to plant a garden.  It's a rental, so I kept it small so it is easy covered back up with grass seed.  Our back yard is pretty weedy (and has been since we moved in - there wasn't much growing back there when we first moved in either) so I don't feel back about digging up part of it.  The whole yard should be hit with round up and re seeded anyway.

We picked up a few plants and some seeds.  I discovered something called "square food gardening" while researching how to best plant what I had bought.  I thought it might work for what I planned.

It's a small garden: only four feet by six feet.  It was hard work to dig it up even though it's so small.  The top picture if my plan for where to plant everything.  The bottom is an actual picture.  I made sure to get it done on Thursday to take advantage of the rain we had Friday and Saturday.

It's a bit of a "sampler garden."  I haven't gardened since I lived at home in Wisconsin so I have no idea what will grow here.  My in-laws tell me that the peppers are a good choice.  I planted it in full view of our living room window so the girls can watch it grow.  Everything I picked is "full sun" which is good because there's no shade back there!  It's only 24 square feet so watering won't break my budget either.

The girls wanted their own "fowers."  We planted them in their own pots in the front.  I also put some marigold seeds in a big pot.

In stitching news, I started two ornaments.  There's not much to see yet.

This is a Patridge ornament from the 2014 Craftways Christmas book.  I used a scrap of 28 ct. Monaco I had in my stash and the threads are all DMC

Not much to see here yet.  This is the Candy Cane Horse by Charlotte's Collectables from the 2009 JCS ornament issue.  It has a bunch of Kreinik in it.  I hope I have enough of this oyster #4 braid!

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