Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Submarine Launch!

I put in a bunch of work the last two days and was able to finish up "Yellow Submarine!"  This piece was really fun to stitch and I can't wait to do Octopus's Garden once my LNS gets the pattern in.  I didn't realize that Octopus was bigger and I hope the remaining fabric I have is big enough.  Crossing Fingers.

Since this was a piece I just bought and not from my "stash," I do not get any monetary credit for it in SFS.

This was my husband's birthday present.  He knows I've been stitching it but I didn't let him know I had finished.  I am going to try to frame it tomorrow so I can give it to him tomorrow night.

Yellow Submarine
Blackbird Designs (Magical Mystery Tour Series)
Stitched with Sampler Threads on 32 ct. Cedar Plank Linen by Lakeside Linens

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  1. Hurray for your wonderful finish! It's so fun and whimsical.


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