Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some Shopping

We've been having fun going around with Grandma but the weather decided to go above 100 this week so it's limited what we can do.  We tried the zoo on Monday but we were sweltering after an hour in the sun.  Today we went to Cabela's to see the stuffed animals and the fish.  The girls liked the fish a lot.

We did a bit of shopping.  On Tuesday, we hit SCRAP.  I found some fabric I needed.

On the left, some 28 count antique white Monaco (at least I think it's Monaco, could be Joeblan or something too) and on the right, some darker green 14 ct Aida
The Monaco will be used to make this:

The Aida will be used to make this:

Today, I went to Jo-Ann to get some stuff.  Sadly, they did not have the JCS Halloween issue.  I saw Parsley had got it and I wanted to see what was in it.

I needed another thread box.  I got some larger pins to use when framing and I got some thread to match the poor kangaroo on the far right that is missing an ear.

I also started this:

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