Friday, August 9, 2013

Presidential Library

Today, I had to take my mom back to the train station in Dallas.  We left the girls with Em this morning and headed to the George W Bush Presidential Library in Dallas on the Southern Methodist University (SMU) campus.  It just opened in May.  It's not a library in the strictest sense but it is the archive of all the presidential papers and also has a museum.  All the recent presidents have one.  Texas has 3 total (the most of any state): George W Bush at SMU, George H.W. Bush at Texas A&M and LBJ at UT-Austin.

It was a great place.  Lots of videos.  There was a replica of the oval office and a memorial for 9/11.  There is also a wonderful restaurant attached to it where we had lunch.

Here are some pictures:

Yeah, I know this one isn't centered.  My mom is not the best with a camera

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