Friday, May 17, 2013

Instant Gratification

Well, somewhat instant gratification, maybe.

I had to frog a bit on my Quaker sampler and I'm finding that frogging one over one on 28 count is really tedious because it's so small.  So, I decided to stitch an ornament (which, ironically, I'm also going to have to frog and I just started it!)

Baby Jesus has got to go.  He's in the wrong spot.  Grrrr.

The finish should look like this.
This is Emily's Nativity ornament for her first Christmas. 


  1. Poor baby Jesus, it really has to go? Sorry about the frogs...

    1. Yeah, I got him out with a seam ripper. But the good news is that I have him mostly put back. And then I discovered I need 4 more colors of DMC. For such a little piece, it has a bunch of colors.


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