Monday, May 13, 2013

Impending College

I have about 3 weeks left before I start college.  I got approved last week and I'm just waiting for some government paperwork before I'll be all set to go.

For my newer followers, I worked for 3 years for T-Mobile USA doing technical support.  T-Mobile had a mass layoff of workers last June and closed 7 call centers, including mine.  My husband was staying home with our children so money's been tight the last 9 months.  He finally found a job in April and is currently working 50-60 hours a week so I don't see him much.  I found out that I was trade affected so I can get additional training for free as long as it meets certain requirements.  I have a bachelor's in teaching but I don't have my license and I've been on alternative certification for 3 years but have been unable to find a teaching job.  So, I'm using this opportunity to get my Masters of Arts in Teaching.  I'll be able to student teach so I'll have my certification when I graduate instead of having to find a job and teach for a year to get certified.  I'm also adding the special education certification so I'll be taking 15 credits of special ed classes.

This is going to be a rigorous program.  I have to go full time as part of the program which is 9 credits.  I'll be finished in 5 semesters so I'll graduate December 2014.  I also have to maintain Bs in all my classes.  I'm a little apprehensive but at least I'm starting in the summer when my stepdaughter can help watch the girls if I have to write a paper.

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