Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Stitching

I got a little bit of stitching in this weekend.  It was supposed to be my weekend with the knitting circle at the library but I didn't go because I was rather ill the night before and one of the ladies has immunodeficiency issues so I thought I shouldn't risk it.  I was also planning on getting some stitching done Friday night but that didn't happen due to illness.

I started filling in two more squares of HAED.  The edges of this is mostly solid color with a bit of confetti so I've been doing the confetti and then filling in the rest of the square.  I'll probably change tactics when the color changes are more frequent.

The gridding has worked so well on the HAED, I thought I'd try it on my UFO Thomas Kinkade piece.  I tried a different type of gridding that I saw on someone else's blog and I like it so far.  Jury's still out on which one is better.  I actually stitched a bit on it too.  It's so much easier with the grid.

I started in the middle of that piece so it's an odd place to grid.


  1. You might also try pen gridding. I have done both cold and hot removal fabric pens and much prefer them to stitching (although some people consider it cheating...which I don't get). I've also seen where others are worried about leaving it in the material for long periods of time, but I have left it in for well over a year with no issues with removal. The pens I'm using now have been perfect (Pilot Frixion)...clean lines with no bleeding.

    1. I thought about that but pens make me nervous Besides, if I stitch, it covers the pen mark but with the thread, I can still see it.


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