Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PIcking up my Needle

Things seem to be looking up around here.  My husband is in the process of getting a job.  He's been running around the last couple of days interviewing and taking drug tests and getting fingerprinted (he would be installing alarms so you have to go through extra hoops) so I'm getting a taste of what stay at home motherhood is like.  So far it's been nice but today I have to try to get Zoé to preschool with Adèle in tow which should be interesting.  I'm hoping everything gets completed successfully.  It couldn't come at a better time because with the sequester, it sounded like my amount of unemployment was about to get cut.

With that being said, I've picked up the needle a couple of times in the last few days to work on my large epic projects.  I'll probably start something smaller sometime soon but I haven't decided which yet.

The HAED has still not covered a square inch...

Snow White Discovers the Cottage.  Hey, I see a tree root

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  1. My HAED's don't have a square inch done either! I love to watch your Snow White Discovers the Cottage come to life!


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