Friday, October 26, 2012

Some finishes today

Today was finish up a bunch of projects day.

First up was 'To Have and To Hold" that I finished last fall but didn't frame.  I had mounted it on mounting board with pins and lacing but it was all crooked.  I was going to re-mount it on sticky board seeing how the frogs turned out but I got the brilliant idea today to cut the horizontal lacing and then readjust the cross stitch and put the pins back in and now it's much straighter.  Just needs some wire in the back to hang on the wall.

Next was "Mary's Little Lamb Sampler.  It was also mounted but a bit crooked.  I was able to tease it to being a bit straighter by adjusting some pins so it too is waiting for some wire on the back to hang on the wall.

Then was my loom knit Christmas tree.  I started this like 2 years ago but didn't finish it.  It's based on a pattern for a patriotic decoration that I found on Provocraft's website  but I didn't have the dowel or wood to finish it and then I lost it and now it's all done.  I painted the base and the dowel and made a star from plastic canvas on the top.

Original design:

And what I made:

And last but not least, I finally framed "Night Sky".  After a disastrous run in with sticky board, I got a 8x10 piece of mounting board at Michael's yesterday (free because they cut it from a scrap) and today I mounted it.  It definitely turned out straighter.


  1. Hi Joy I love everything you are so talented but your Christmas Tree loom knitted is totally awesome :)
    Helen x

  2. Joy your stitch work is beautiful, and you loom knit tree is just inspired!

  3. Great framing! I love the color of the frame for Mary's Little Lamb. The Christmas Tree is wonderful!


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