Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Feel the Need to Expand on my Last Post

I consider myself to be a minimalist stitcher.

Let me explain that.

Perhaps it's because I'm younger and I don't have much of a budget for stitching to begin with but I don't have a ton of accessories for stitching.  Perhaps it's because I'm now trying to stitch with a 2 1/2 year old and a 20 month old running around.

Most of the stitching stuff that I have is fabric and fibers and kits and patterns.  I use DMC almost exclusively which I keep on bobbins.  The past few years, I've dabbled with Krenik and Light Effects and I had one piece that I did that called for silk.  Most recently, I've been dabbling with mill hill beads.  Most of the fabric I own is stuff I inherited from my cousin who doesn't stitch anymore or stuff I picked up at SCRAP.  I have a bunch of patterns and mags but the majority of it came from the same cousin.

I only use two things consistently: scissors and Q snaps.

A quick note on the scissors, I had a really cheap pair I bought at Wal-Mart 10 years ago and I finally purchased a decent pair about 6 months ago.  To be honest, I normally used the everyday scissors.

Back to the Q Snaps

When I was in college, I stitched smalls.  Most of it was those cheap little kits on aida.  The ornaments and stuff.  I also loved perforated paper and plastic.  Easy to finish.  Then, I discovered there was an actual LNS in New Ulm and then I discovered Q snaps.  I had tried to use a hoop but I didn't like how it bunched at the top and the marks it left on the fabric.

I am quite pleased with my Q snaps.  They work well for me and keep my fabric nicely taught.  If they aren't holding the fabric well, some batting or felt strips normally helps.  And I found a stand that works with them very well.  I know several stitchers who can't stand them but they work well for me.

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