Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some stitching

Today, I did some more stitching.  I had previewed it earlier but I haven't had any time to work on it.

Carpal has really messed things up.  For Christmas, I planned to do this one Iris piece for my brother-in-law and this other piece for my in-laws and catch up on Zoé's ornaments and I was going to get the Pooh quilt done by her birthday.  Well, none of that is happening.  I will be lucky if I get the quilt done by Christmas.

So anyway, the piece I am working on is a mat for a picture frame.  My mom had pictures taken of the girls and I'm making a mat for them.  I'm using perforated paper.  Currently, I'm doing Adèle's.

For hers, I went through my DMC box and matched colors to the colors in the picture.  I was going to design my own motifs but I am not that good of a designer so I've raided my alphabet and Mini books.  This is actually made of strips of perforated paper.  I am attaching them at the corner by outlining it and stitching a heart through both pieces of paper.  Seems to secure rather well.

I found this alphabet out of one of my alphabet books.  Good old Leisure Arts.  Altered the colors to match the color scheme I had created.

I couldn't figure out what to do on the long sides so I found this cute butterfly border from my trusty Better Homes and Garden book.  I'm only doing one repetition.  The heart will match the ones on the corners to tie them all together.  Might add something like a flower in the white space, not sure yet.  The bottom will be a white picket fence if the white on white shows up ok.

For Zoé's frame, I'm using primary colors.  Not exactly sure what I'm going to stitch yet.  Trying to finish this one first.


  1. Really nice and a great idea! Hope you're able to get the quilt done.
    Mary Louise in IN

  2. Very very cute.
    chris b


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