Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dentist Visit and a Finish

Hi Everyone!

Happy weekend (well, my one day weekend anyway).  I went to the dentist today.  I'd been dreading it because when I went when I was pregnant, I was told I needed a deep cleaning and I had 7 cavities to fill.  Today, I was told that my teeth just needed a good regular cleaning and I only had 1 actual cavity.  He doesn't know what the other dentist saw but this new dentist has digital x-rays which is pretty neat.  Gums are a bit raw but my teeth feel nice and slick!

I also finished the Adèle picture.  Here is a picture:

My husband also took me on a date.  Emily watched the girls.  Went to Outback and picked out a toy for Zoé's birthday.  Almost had a gingerbread martini but that steak really filled me up!

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  1. Oh, that picture frame mat is adorable! I love how you chose the matching colors in the picture. What a great idea!


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