Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stockings finished

My goal this weekend was to finish the stockings. I completed Emily's stocking
and Zoe's is all but complete. Have to put the fringe on the scarf of the
snowman which I started today but gave up on because it's really hard to get the
needle through the holes with that much yarn on it. I'll do a little more
tomorrow. The fingers were getting sore. Also, I need to fire up my hot glue
gun as well for the pom poms.

Ironically, Emily's stocking was harder to stitch because it was 29 colors of
yarn with lots of shading and color changes but pretty easy to finish. Zoe's
stocking was pretty simple to stitch but had a ton of finishing embellishments
including sparkle yarn (which evidently I put on wrong as it was supposed to be
couched and I used it like regular yarn---oops, looks fine though), sequins,
fringe and needlepointing little embellishments that get tacked on later.

1 comment:

  1. Will be waiting for the pics of finishes. Sequins...I find difficult to work with.
    Congratulations on the finishes.


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