Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mommy's Too Busy to Post....Again

Hi Everyone,

Mommy has been really busy lately because of her new work schedule so she hasn't had much time to do much of anything. No needlework. No blogging. So, you're stuck with me again.

Mommy just had her computer fixed. I needed a new motherboard. I didn't know that Mommies needed boards.

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy just had their first anniversary. It was a paper anniversary so they went book shopping and took me along. Then they got a really spiffy hotel room for the night. I slept in my pack n'play. Note the cute little feet..

We went to all sorts of restaurants too. This is me and Daddy at The Cheesecake Factory. But...they wouldn't let me have any cheesecake. I don't think that's fair!

When we got home, my new snuggly bed was waiting for me. Well, it wasn't very snuggly. It was in pieces in a big box. Mommy put it together all by herself (well, I supervised the project). It only took her 2 hours.

Here is a better view. It has pink Pooh stuff and this thing that Pooh and all his friends hang off of and they move around! I like it when Mommy makes it move. I also got a new friend. His name is Tigger. He is very fun to snuggle with.

I am getting better at standing. My big brother is only helping me a little. See?

I have also discovered this show called Red Green. They use a lot of duct tape, whatever that is. And they are very silly. They need a cute girl like me to help them.

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