Monday, February 8, 2010


Hi everyone, it's Zoé. I'm posting this morning so Mommy can get some more sleep. I think she should be playing with me, but that's just my opinion. I was a good girl and I slept all night long in my new room. Mommy says that she will decorate it more when she gets me a crib. I wonder what that is? Will it be snuggly? I like to snuggle.

I hope everyone will join me in taking a stand against footed sleepers. They are extremely stupid....oops Mommy says I'm not supposed to say that word. Why do my feet have to be separated anyway. They are much warmer if they are together. And the feet things just cover up my cute little feet. What a travesty!

I have also recently discovered that hands are very tasty. I know that Mommy prefers chocolate but I think she will find she would be much happier if she just sucked on her hands. Besides, milk is much better for you anyway.

Mommy is spending a lot of time at the computer lately. She says that she is taking classes on line to get her teaching license. I thought she already had a license. Isn't that how she drives me around in her cute yellow Beetle? (Personally, I think it should be a PINK Beetle) If she teaches, does that mean she spends less time with me? She isn't home a lot anymore but sometimes I hear her voice coming out of a little box. Isn't that silly? Daddy seems to think that this is okay. Frankly, it makes me worry. How does Mommy fit into such a little box?

That reminds me. Daddy keeps saying that he's going to give me a pink pony but he never does. WHERE'S MY PINK PONY, DADA!

Here's that silly bellpull thingy that Mommy is stitching. She got one teacup done...see! What is a bellpull anyway? I thought you were supposed to ring them.
Anyway, it looks like Mommy is waking up. I had better hit the publish post button now! Love, Zoé


  1. Zoe is really cute:0) Love the bellpull too.

  2. Too SWEET! Zoe you are adorable! And such a smart baby.

  3. LMAO!
    That is so cute....
    Zoe is such a doll!

    The bellpull looks beautiful!

  4. Such a cute post and love the pics.

  5. Don't let Zoe find your credit card - my cat found mine, and now I'm up to my ears in debt and the UPS man keeps delivering catnip! The bellpull is lovely.

  6. Zoe is a doll. Dada is going to have his hands full when she discovers the boys. The bell pull is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see the finish.

  7. Cute! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your precious baby:) My babies are both almost teens now! Enjoy! Time does fly too fast when you are having fun and they are young for such a short time! Marilyn (back to my cross-stitch I go)I love doing bell pulls too. Yours looks great so far! I have done three. Cottages, Lighthouses, and Windmills!

  8. Love your post Zoe. Always nice to hear from the younger generation and their perspective on every day life. Hope to hear from you again. Tell your Mom that I think her bellpull is coming along fantastically. Have you let her work on it these past few months? Tell her it may be time for another update.

    Anita in IN,USA


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