Saturday, June 11, 2016

Blog Hop - June

stitching bloggers blog hop for june 2016 thrift store finds and stories

I've been off the blogosphere for awhile now.  I was correcting standardized tests for most of April and May so my laptop was busy reading all those student written essays.  So, I'm back for the summer with a blog hop.  I haven't done one in awhile.

I have some great thrift store finds.  I have SCRAP, a "creative reuse store" which is a thrift store for craft items and other things that could be used as art.  They've moved to a new location and raised some of their prices but I still go there occasionally to see what I find.  I've found some amazing patterns, old magazines, kits and fabric.

This tote was only $3
Found my Fuji pattern for $2

And this whole lot of linen was like $4-5
My other, but not cross stitch related, find was these Boomwhackers.  They retail  for $25.  I got them for $2


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