Thursday, September 3, 2015

String Plan

With school starting and Christmas fast approaching, I decided it was time that I come up with a plan of what to do between now and then. I have a few things to get done.  Adèle's ornament is almost done.  I know what I want to do for Zoé but I don't have all the materials yet.  I am also doing that wedding sampler and a crochet vest for Mom.

Meanwhile, my husband ("the string enabler") asked me just how many projects I had going on as I was talking about stuff I wanted to stitch in the future.  I said like 10.  And that's when I realized, I have a lot of projects.

I decided to pick one and set a deadline.  I want to finish it by Thanksgiving.

I had stopped work on it because I didn't have a needed color of DMC.  However that has been remedied, so I pulled the floss.

It has a lot of floss.

Here's what it looked like before I started work.

And here's an updated shot.  The work is a bit slow with all the backstitching and fractional stitches.  However, I think Thanksgiving is a doable deadline because there's not much to it after the frame is done around the edges.

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