Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some actual stitching

This weekend, I was able to finally make it to my library's knitting and crochet circle.  Here's what I worked on.

This was a new project.  My mother-in-law saw some infinity scarves at Wal-Mart and wanted one.  I discovered the "crazy stitch" for crochet so I am crocheting an infinity scarf.  It crochets really fast.  I'm almost done.

I added another line to my flag afghan.  I have one red and white done.  Back to red.  Soon I'll need more yarn.  Eventually, I'll get to add blue.

I'm almost to the end of this pocket scarf I'm making for Zoe.  It is working a lot better since I got aluminum needles instead of the wood ones I was using.

I also started a new cross stitch project.  I am doing the "Stained Glass Holly" ornament out of the JCS preview issue.  The pattern is my Ink Circles.  It is solidly stitched with no partial stitches so I decided to do it on gold perforated paper instead of the recommended 32 ct fabric.

Sadly, there's not much to see yet.

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  1. The ink circles will look great when you're done! And the perforated paper was a great idea!


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