Monday, October 10, 2011

Not much blogging going on here

Hi y'all

Haven't been blogging much lately.  Doing a little bit of lurking but mostly doing things around the house.With 2 under 2 there is constant cleanup.  Things are a bit easier now.  Our garbage disposal stopped working a few weeks after we moved in but having rented enough places, that is something that becomes tenant responsibility and they charge an arm and a leg to fix it.  It wouldn't have been so bad except it caused that side of the sink to leak and that side of the sink also had the dishwasher flowing into it.  We picked up a barely used disposal at the Habitat for Humanity store for $15 and put it in so now I have 2 sinks and a dishwasher.  We mostly handwash but on those days when the bottles and dishes are piling up, it's nice to be able to just run it all in the dishwasher.

For anyone, having to go to a baby shower anytime soon, I will say that the Playtex Drop ins starter kit is awesome.  Helps Adèle with gas issues and makes cleanup fairly easy.  Yes, you do have to buy the liners but it saves me in spit up and fussy fussy baby so I'll take the extra cost.  Plus, Kroger just had their liners buy one get one free so I bought 4 100 ct boxes for about $16.  That should last me through the end of the year.  The munchkin dishwasher basket is also awesome (so you can wash the nipples and stuff in the dishwasher.  And if you have a bit of money to spend, go for the Pack n Play.

I did a small bit of stitching.  Here's a picture.  Have some Christmas presents to think about but we'll see how the wrists hold up.

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  1. Great recommendations on baby gift ideas! Glad to see you got some stitching done.


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