Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moving update

So, we've successfully made the move.  Everything is still pretty much packed and our modem hasn't arrived yet so I won't be posting much until things settle down a little bit.  My craft cabinet didn't survive the move though :(


  1. What happened to the cabinet? I hope at least your supplies made it!

  2. The cabinet was one of those Wal-Mart fiber board specials. It literally just fell apart. But the supplies should be fine as they were boxed (haven't found them yet though).

  3. I'm laughing at myself... I thought you wrote the "modern" hadn't arrived yet. And I was about to ask, "What's a modern?" Modem! Duh.

    Sorry your craft cabinet didn't survive. :( Doesn't surprise me, though, if it was a particle board cabinet. Mine don't last but a couple years and if you move it, they don't fare well.


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