Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Updates and Things

The beginning of this week has been busy.  Monday was try to get aid for the family day so the four of us went to Lewisville to do that.  Hoping that it turns out good since I really need help with rent this month (disability does not pay enough to make rent).  Tuesday was doctor's appointments for both girls.  Adèle has gained weight (exciting!) but Zoé had to get 6 shots.  She was crying so hard my husband said he wanted to punch the nurse.  She got a stuffed Pluto and some chocolate pudding out of the deal. 

The last day I did some stitching, I ended up using Adèle as a stand for my cross stitch pattern.  Things are going well on the stocking, albeit slowly.  I am about 1/3 completed roughly.  The houses are the most complicated part and the rest of it has a lot of areas of the same color.  The half crosses make everything go a lot faster and have a great shading effect.


  1. Love your pattern holder!! It's always nice when we can find things around the house to help us in our stitching, lol!


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