Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stocking Progress

Here is some progress on the stocking. As you can see, it's pretty complicated for a needlepoint and is actually charted stitch for stitch so it's taking me a bit longer but I think it's turning out nicely.

And here are some progress pictures of my daughter sitting in the tub all by herself with her duckies.


  1. The stocking is going to be beautiful when finished along with cute! Your little one is really cute too:)

  2. Your stocking is adorable & so is your little girl. Think your stitching time may be cut a bit....but remember to get some "me" time.
    Chris B. (CCS)

  3. Zoe is so very beautiful. Congratulations on the new little one as well. As a mom of three who are all within two years of each other, I must say that I found the youger years to be a bit of a challenge. Now that they are approaching their teens, I am so glad that I had them that close in age. They are the perfect companions for each other and a great help to me. Oh...I forgot to mention that they are ALL girls. Tehy all stitch too! Just thought that I would throw that in.
    Your finish is lovely, great work on the stocking too and with a baby underfoot too! you are superwoman!

  4. LOL, why's she got clothes on in the tub?

  5. Because Daddy wanted to take pictures that he could post online and so we made sure she was in her onesie and not naked. She didn't mind.


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