Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tutorial: Decreasing and finishing

Yay! I finished it! Well....mostly. Even with my excursion to Lewisville to go to Aidaworks (great needlecraft store for those of you in DFW) and the stop at Hobby Lobby, I'm finally ready to finish it!

Decreasing in the middle of a row:

The book says this is good for a gradual decrease

1. Wherever your pattern says to decrease or knit two together, move those stitches onto the next peg TOWARD THE MIDDLE OF THE LOOM. You will now have a gap of empty pegs.

2. Move the other stitches in toward the middle of the loom to fill in your now empty pegs.

3. Wrap and knit as usual. If there are three loops on a peg, knit the bottom two over the top loop so one loop remains.

Binding off

Go get a crochet hook.

1. I have numbered the pegs. You are going to remove 1, 2 and 3 in that order and put them on the crochet hook.

2. You now have three loops on the crochet hook. Put two loops over the third so you have one loop left on the hook.

3. Put the next two stitches (4 and 5 in that order) and the crochet hook. Put two loops over the third so you have one loop left on the hook. Repeat, going in numerical order.

4. Pull the working yarn through the last loop and weave it into the piece.

Finishing the other end

1. The anchor yarn is holding your live stitches. Put three loops on the crochet hook. Pull two loops over so you have one loop left on the hook. Put another two loops on the hook and repeat until you reach the end.

2. Run the yarn tail through the remaining loop and weave in the edge.

Yay! It's finished


  1. how do you go from a two over one tube stitch to decreasing to start the ribbed stitch. I am trying to do the afghan shawl in the Loom Crafts with knifty knitter book. could use the help please.

  2. It's been a few years since I've made the afghan shawl. You only need to get rid of two stitches--the ones on the end pegs (thus making it a tube). So, I think, I moved both of them over and then wrapped the loom for ribbed stitch and then knit 2 over 1 on the 2 pegs where the decrease happened. Let me dig out the book today and double check.


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