Thursday, January 1, 2015

WIPs of the New Year

First, I have to share a short story.  I wrapped up the Gardener's Cottage and gave it to my husband for Christmas.  He intends to hang it in his new office.  We searched high and low for it and couldn't find it ANYWHERE!  Where could it be?

Turns out my brother-in-law had accidentally picked it up.  He's going to mail it back.

Now, for the WIPs.  I have quite a few of them as I started a bunch of stuff last Mother's Day.  The year, Stitch from Stash is counting stitch count sizes so I have listed them. 

Current WIPs - Larger Pieces
Gathering Honey - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts May/June 1987, Stitch count: 180H x 140W
I did a bit of stitching on it this week. 
 Fuji - Dimples Designs (Terrence Nolan), Stitch Count 132 x 224
I have finally actually completed this page after adding the backstitching
 Starlight Angel - MarBek, Serendipity Designs,  Rebecca Waldrop, Stitch Count: 160W x 173H
I have not worked on this in awhile.  I am needing some specialty threads.
Sunflower Sampler - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts July/August 1992, Stitch Count 175H x 135W
I am hoping to finish this piece by August so I can enter it in the fair. 
Winter on Logan's Creek, Cross Stitch and Country Crafts September/October 1990 (Brigitte Kozma), Stitch Count: 122H x 54W

Do Not Meddle - Dragon Fire Designs (Sherry Schons), Stitch Count: 261W x 156H
I only have to finish this second dragon.  Hopefully, I can finish it this year also.
Rose Garden - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts September/October 1989, Stitch Count: 180H x 140H
Not much of a start on this one yet

Country Grace - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts November/December 1992 (Diane Brakefield), Stitch Count: 176H x 136W

A Time of Thanksgiving - Cross Stitch! Number Seven (De Selby), Stitch Count: 121W x 89H

Quail Family - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts January/February 1989, Stitch Count: 140H x 70H

Butterfly Cross - Heaven and Earth Designs, Stitch Count: Really, really big
Maybe I can get one page done this year.  Big maybe.

Snow White Discovers the Cottage - MCG Textiles Kit, Stitch Count: Also Really Big

Current WIPs - Small Pieces
Jingle As Ye Enter, Jingle As Ye Go - Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, Stitch Count: 119 x 152

Stained Glass Holly - Just Cross Stitch August 2014, Stitch Count: 55W x 55H

Trio of Dogs - Christmas Critters (Barbara Mock), Stitch Count: 77W x 65H

This piece is really tedious.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's all the white.  It should be done.

I also have a few more pieces that I might start.


  1. Wow, you've got lots of great projects going on! :)

  2. Lots of wonderful projects there! I can't wait to see progress on Snow White!


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